PROFILES FROM LAMINATED METAL SHEETS are parts of the roof hydroisolation system. They are used as finishing and anchoring elements.

They are produced in series from two-metre and three-metre cut straps on hydraulic edging presses. The bend is made in one stroke in the complete length of the strap with the help of long battening tools. This guarantees high precision of the product size. This technology can be used also for edging – reinforcement of the strap edges.

To guarantee the impermeability only materials with the same or similar chemical composition can be used for welding of hydroisolating foil, which are PVC-PVC,TPO-TPO, EVA-EVA or EVA-PVC.

Outer metal batten

Bent corner batten 250 mm

Hooked attic eaves batten 250 mm

Normal attic eaves batten 150 mm