LAMINATED® is a composite product made of metal with heat-coated zinc layers on both sides having a laminated polymer foil on the front side and a protective varnish on the back side.

The plastic layer of the product is highly resistant to climatic conditions, is keeps its flexibility and bendability even in low temperatures without any necessary adjustment of maintenance of the surface during its whole shelf life. It has also an excellent adhesion of the plastic layer and the metal; it welds well with hydroisolation polymer foils. The sheets can be processed with all common procedures (cutting, bending, shaping, hot-air welding or gluing). The colour of the polymer foil can be changed on customer’s request.

Laminated metal sheets LAMINATED® are not designed to be used in the contact with food or drinkable water.

Laminated metal sheets LAMINATED® are produced and evaluated in compliance with norms ČSN EN 10169+A1 and ČSN EN 14783.


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